• SMC/PTAs and their networks have been established in the Tamale Metropolis which gave parents a stronger voice to demand accountability from governments to claim their rights to quality education delivery. So far 22 educational circuits have been mobilized into 6 Zonal networks and a Metro Network (TAMPATA Net) has been established to serve as an advocacy body.
  • Capacity of PTA/SMC built to enhance school management and monitoring performance of their wards and teacher attendance.
  • Facilitating access to basic education through the Construction of 12 school blocks and sanitary facilities in 12 communities.
  • Contributed to improving quality of teaching and learning by providing 1200 pieces of furniture, textbooks and other teaching/learning materials to over 20 deprived schools.
  • Children’s Right and Empowerment for Social Transformation (CREST) circles have been established in 16 communities in three districts in the Northern Region of Ghana to champion and advocate for the rights of children.
  • 15 children with disabilities have been enrolled in school as a response to sensitization of parents and community leaders about their right to education.
  • Establishment of Girls clubs have increase the confidence and empowered over 250 girls in rural community schools to engage with colleagues from other schools through the girls camps.
  • The sponsorship scheme currently has 2,000 children in (LRP 3 and 4) (700) children in (LRP 4) in the Sagnarigu district and Tamale Metropolis
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