• Girls Clubs activities improved performance and leadership among girls. They have influenced schools to make their environment more girl-friendly, enrolment of peers into school, remain and complete their education. For instance, the return and transition rate of club members has improved to 95% in 2014/15 for girls progressing into upper and JHS schools as compared to 83% in 2013/14 academic years in the Bole and STK districts.
  • Interclub competition/interventions use as advocacy platforms for children to demand fair distribution of teachers and other TLMs in rural schools.
  • Through capacity strengthening of patrons and girls, issues of rights violations on children especially girls are seriously addressed.
  • Reached 2,500 girls through Girls Clubs and camps aimed at increasing the confidence, assertiveness, and participation in the leadership of girls in rural communities.
  • CALID intervention in girls’ education has built the confidence of girls in our communities as well as increased their interest in education. Those who had made up their minds to stop schooling at the Junior High School level had a change of mind and are now successfully in the Senior High School of their choice.
  • Promoting school governance by strengthening of PTA Networks. A PTA Network (TAMPATA Net) has been formed in Tamale and two others in the Bole and STK districts to serve as advocacy bodies for parents to have a stronger voice to demand accountability from the government for quality education delivery in these districts.
  • Increased visibility of active SMC/PTAs Networks dealing with the issue of surface mining, teacher absenteeism, idleness, punctuality and tracking of educational resources in 4 districts.
  • 400 children from 16 communities in three districts in the Northern Region are championing and advocating for the rights of children.
  • Influenced the development of school rules in the Tamale and Sagnerigu districts


  • Youth groups are engaging stakeholders to demand transparency and accountability in the management of pro-poor policies of the government. Youth in the Tamale Metro and the Sagnerigu District are; contributing on radio platforms on developmental issues and also asking questions on the cost and importance of certain projects.
  • Youth participation and representation in decision making is increasing. At least 10 youth filed to contest the upcoming District Level Elections as a result of intense advocacy embarked by the Youth Coalitions
  • Youth support to women contesting the District Level Elections increased.
  • Youth groups of 10 working communities’ located in Tamale peri-urban or Sagnerigu rural advocated for social amenities for their communities. They are now connected to the national electricity grid and some equally have pipe born water and access roads.


  • Supported People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) with their nutritional needs in the Northern Region.
  • Improvement in the nutritional value of children in communities through the outreach programmes organized in collaboration with the CHPS compounds.
  • Reproductive health rights and skills among girls have improved in our working communities.
  • Establishment of CHCs in rural communities operating in the CHPS compounds to enhance their efficiency.
  • The CHCs lobbied for the construction of two ultramodern CHPS compounds.
  • Increased in the resource-based of the CHPS
  • Improvement in the level of collaboration between District Assemblies, Health Directorates, and communities

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