There is No Reason Not To

“There is No Reason Not To”

Jamil Zakaria, popularly known as Jamaica, is a guitarist from the Kulnyevilla community. After witnessing a drama in his community on children’s rights facilitated by CALID and supported by Action Aid Ghana, he could not help but spread the message to his community on how important education is. Whether boy or girl, able or disable, foster or biological, every child is entitled to it, although parents still discriminate against their children when it comes to education. Jamil, otherwise called Jamaica has this to say: “some communities discriminate against the education of their children, forgetting that future is in the hands of these pupils, that must be treated with care and respecting their rights. This wonderful drama will go a long way, pushing parents to send all their children to school, with me taking the lead”.

“There used to be days when you can meet about 8 to 10 children in every 5-minute walk, roaming on the streets. Now I can boldly say with the intervention of CALID this has stopped. Our classrooms are overcrowded with children, a reason why I am happy to see Action Aid Ghana building a 3-unit classroom to ease the congestion. CALID has advocate in the community, to talk about the importance of education. They also meet our daughters to discuss issues concerning girls’ education”.

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