Savanah Regional Youth Network Inaugurated With Call for Support from Duty Bearers and General Public


The Youth Network (NY) as parts of it’s activities, exists to provide relevant and conducive environment that defines and support the implementation of policies that will help promote effective frontline youth empowerment practices, focusing on young people’s participation in socio-economic and political development and other related issues that sought to promote development in all sectors of the nation.

As such, the Youth Network is inaugurating district and regional Youth Network branches across the country.

On Tuesday, 30th November, 2021, the network inaugurated the Savannah region’s branch .

Mr. Mohammed Awal Sumani Bapio, Executive Director for CALID Ghana, an NGO based in Tamale in the northern region, said the Youth Network team was in Damongo to inaugrate the Savannah Regional Youth Network to coordinate activities of the youth groups in the region.

He explained that about three (3) months ago, the team went round all seven (7) MMDAs in the region to engage the various youth groups with a view to bringing them together to fight or champion the agenda of the youth and to sell the idea of networking to the groups in the region.

All youth groups in the various assemblies of the region will now fall under one umbrella to advocate for development with a common voice as a regional Youth Network.
The youth groups will now see themselves as one, fight the challenges together with the duty bearers. They need to challenge bad policies, fight to improve sectors such as education, environment, roads construction, health, water and sanitation, job creation, among others, he stated.

The illegal logging and commercial charcoal production menace, falling standards of education in the region, poor roads network, unemployment and other issues, are not in the best frame for the people, so the youth would need to get closer to authorities, find out why the area is recording the poor results from schools and then proffer solutions to arrest the situation, Mr. Bapio Awal added.

He appealed to the general public to support the Youth Network to fight against bad policies by duty bearers in the region.

“The public must listen to the Youth Network and explain issues to them for a better future. The Youth Network isn’t a political or religious or tribal body, it exists to fight for common good for society”.

There were solidarity messages from OXFAM GH, YEFL GH, Damongo Youth Parliament, NYA, NRYN.
All speakers urged the Youth Network to remain resolute, work together, consult and engage the public and stakeholders to help promote the welfare of the youth and society.

The Youth Network unanimously elected the following to manage the network from December 2021, to March, 2022.

They are Seidu Saaka Hunaisahtu (Secretary), Haruna Mutala (Convener) and
Karim Inusah (Deputy Convener).

The Secretary to the Savannah Regional Youth Network (SRYN), Saaka Hunaisahtu on behalf of the group expressed gratitude to all and said the leadership of the network will put in place all the necessary measures for effective take off and called for support from all the youth groups across the Gonja state to help the area overcome her challenges through dialogue.

The Deputy Convener, Karim Inusah appealed to the publics to accept the SRNY and help proffer ideas to help the region outshine it’s challenges. He assured that the network will remain focus and work towards achieving a better future for the area.

The meeting was attended by various youth groups in the Savannah region from North Gonja district, North East Gonja, East Gonja, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, Bole district, Central Gonja district and the West Gonja municipality.